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Health & Safety due to Covid-19

At Shine Hypnotherapy health and safety has always been taken very seriously. 

We don't need a reason to practice it, as it's always been in play.

However, with the current situation, our patients are our top priority as usual, & you can be assured that after each session, the office & patients chair is cleaned thoroughly with Organic Natural Cleansers, no toxins. Also, Organic hand sanitizer is available for all patients to use. If you feel safer wearing a mask, Shine asks you to bring your own, however, Shine does have disposable masks available for those who request one.  Although Health Canada has classified the risk to Canadians as low, Shine is taking extra precautions to protect our patients & staff. This includes encouraging the staff to stay home if they are unwell, providing regular prevention best practice updates, & following all government recommendations.  

Shine asks that if you, as a patient, feel unwell, please call to reschedule your session. 

During this time the 24hr cancellation fee will not be charged for late cancellations, until further notice, except for online Talk Therapy, those cancellation charges still apply, & may be revised if necessary.  So if you feel unwell the day of your session, please just call to cancel & we will reschedule you for a convenient later date.

Shine follows ALL mask laws, this includes medical exemptions. 

Please stay healthy & happy

~ Shine Hypnotherapy 

Here is a Symptom Self-Assessment Tool you can use if you are experiencing any symptoms you are concerned about: 


Life is calling on you to go beyond the edge of your experience. The only guarantee in life is change. It's time to take that step towards the unknown & experience amazing growth that comes with discovering the power of your unconscious mind.


If what you are currently doing, doesn't seem to be working for you. It's time to activate your personal 'Reset' button.  Time to look at a new path &  gain a renewed energy state. Let's find what does work for you. 


"It is health, that is real wealth." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The secret to our successes, is found in our daily routines. Sometimes those routines are more harmful than helpful.  Restoring your health begins with your mental health. The wealth of life, will then follow. 

Mission Statement

Is to provide highly effective Life changing & personalized care. So you can lead a more productive and vibrant Life

It's your time to Shine!

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