It's your time to 'SHINE'

Having lived in many countries over the years, I know first hand how hard it can be to acclimate and find my rhythm. 

However, moving to stay free, or out of necessity can add a whole other realm to it and create much stress and tension. 

So here at SHINE, I have decided to do my best to alleviate those stresses and tensions with some helpful information for 

new Expats transitioning to 

Puerto Vallarta, Mx. 

I have done it myself, I have lived the struggle to find my comfort zone here, so that I can live the life of abundance that I set out too each day, in a country with many differences.

If you feel you could benefit from one of the Therapies I offer, then please reach out to me to book a free consult. 

However, if you are just looking for something within PV and feel better if you know it's not recommended through hearsay, but through an actual positive experience, then visit this page often and see if your need is listed below.

While SHINE doesn't guarantee any type of experience at these businesses, I can confirm that if it is listed here,

my personal experience was above average and positive.

Mention Tina T at SHINE Therapy sent you. I get no kickbacks of any kind, I have no affiliations.

I am just being myself, always wanting to help create an efficient, easy, stress free, and tension releasing experience for others. 

The best advice I can give you right now, is to slow down

Businesses here are slow. Getting a coffee and a muffin take way longer here than back in our country, so work on slowing down now, or the anxiety will get the better of you. 

So relax, remember why you're here, use my free Hypno-Affirmations for some further stress relieve, and enjoy. 

We are all here for our own reason, so let's create a welcoming community, and leave our troubles at the border. 

I just want people to SHINE their brightest.

Sincerely, Tina T

Hola Expats,

B​uenos Días.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Dra. Melisa Meneses

Benemerito de Las Americas 168-B

Col. Valentin Gomez Farias

[email protected]

WhatsApp +52 322 181 5618

Tele 225 00 12

Clean, modern office and equipment. English speaking/translation in office. Regular dental care, as well as cosmetic dentistry. 

Pricing is competitive.

Conveniently located. 

Accepts Credit Cards

"I walk from Cinco de Diciembre about 20 minutes. Or call an InDriver or DiDi and it will cost you a few dollars for a ride." T.T.

Anti-Aging Medicine


Dr. Ulises Gomez

Oceano Pacifico #366, 

2nd Floor

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Phone : +52 322 201 2637

Clean, modern office and equipment. English is good enough to communicate well. Pricing is fair, and Botox is per area which can save you mucho dinero, lots of money. 

Accepts Credit Cards

"InDriver cost me 50 pesos, 100 pesos with tip from Cinco de Diciembre. In CAD that's about $6.36, very affordable, cheaper if you're American." TT 

Damn Good 

Mexican Food


Brasilia 298-A

Colonia 5 de Diciembre.



Tele +52 322 365 1585

WhatsApp 322 192 5377

Small and clean with great Mexican food and fabulous service. While they say they take Cash only (Pesos), for large orders they did accept a credit card.  But be sure to carry cash when you hit up this Gem. 

They Deliver and there are English Speakers here! 

"AMAZING MEXICAN FOOD, the best I've had to date, the quesadilla's, coconut shrimp, margarita's and daiquiri's are fabulous. Everything is great here in my opinion, even the service. " TT




What our customers are saying

Shine is an absolute must if you want an excellent and easy-to-work-with transition therapy service. Tina is a caring, empathetic, and genuine therapist with a big heart. I was apprehensive about my move to Mexico until I found Shine. Tina's direction and assistance helped me feel at ease and excited about my new life in Mexico now that I've worked with her. She helped me to let go of my worry and anxiety. Tina truly cared about me as a person, not just as another client. 

Petra - Vancouver B.C Canada